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We envision a world where neurodegeneration no longer robs people of their minds and their freedom. We are committed to a change; we need the right people to get there.
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I love working at Alector because of the passion of the scientific team, [and] the challenge to find a treatment for AD, FTD, etc feels as hard and as important as the challenge of landing on the moon. ... it's exciting.

Alusha Mamchak, Senior Research Project Manager

The two things that stood out to me the very first day I started at Alector were how hard everyone in the organization worked and the collaborative spirit everyone possessed. This environment makes coming to work very easy and inspires me to do everything I can to help move projects forward.

Will Estacio, Senior Associate Scientist

Alector's people are chasing the science with an entrepreneurial spirit to create value through novel approaches to treatment for unmet medical needs, and I wake up every day with a bounce in my step knowing that I am part of the Alector culture and its mission to empower the immune system to cure neurodegeneration.

Kevin McCauley, Senior Director, Technical Operations

I love working at Alector because we have a great culture that encourages and enables collaboration and innovation with teams of excellent scientists to make an impact on a disease area that needs new approaches. We have a chance to really make a difference in peoples' lives

Marina Roell, Principal Scientist

What we’re doing is hard, and that’s why we’re motivated to be here. We believe what we do matters.

We are motivated and dedicated.

We experiment and explore.

We are learners and doers.

We’re committed to our team.

We believe people work best with freedom and flexibility and in an environment that allows us all to be ourselves.

We understand that your life extends beyond Alector, and we strive to provide you with what you need to care for yourself and your family.

One great company. Two locations.

Alector Headquarters

South San Francisco

Anderson-Simonsen Labs


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