Breakthroughs come from unexpected places.

At Alector, we know that discoveries can only come from boundless curiosity. We are driven to tap into that spirit of inquisitiveness and imagination as we seek to improve the lives of people living with devastating neurodegenerative diseases.

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The audacity to go where others haven’t.

We imagine a different world. One where lives are not hopelessly upended by a brain disease or cancer diagnosis. To transform this dream into reality, we are asking new questions and unlocking an entirely new approach—immuno-neurology—with the potential to yield previously unimagined advances in neurodegenerative and other diseases.

A pipeline of firsts.

We’re developing an unmatched pipeline of novel potential medicines based on our insights into immunology, neurology, and human genetics. Our therapeutic candidates are intended to harness the body’s innate power to heal itself, and our development strategy seeks to gather disease- and drug-specific insights sooner, apply lessons quickly, and increase our probability of success.

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Helping patients is our purpose.

What if diseases of aging weren’t an inevitability? What if we could slow or even halt the seemingly inescapable path toward decline associated with certain conditions? We exist to ask these bold questions, and we seek answers by advancing an understanding of diseases as we discover and develop novel therapeutic candidates that we hope may someday make a profound impact on people’s lives.

We live a culture of courage.

We relish a challenge and bring a spirit of curiosity, empathy, and collaboration to our daily work. This mindset motivates and guides us as we forge new paths to deliver urgently needed, potentially first-in-class therapeutics.

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